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For many years the Madison Ski Club published four to five newsletters each year to inform members of ski trips, trip reports with photos, and social events.  This was before the Internet, Email, and Facebook became the common, most cost effective, standard in communication.  The last Schussboomer was published in August, 2014.  You can read these newsletters by selecting from the list below.


NLJan2013 NLApril2013  NLJuly2013NLSept2013  NLNov2013

NLJan2012 NLApril2012 NLAug2012 NLOct2012  NLNov2012

NLJan2011 NLApril2011 NLSept2011 NLOct2011 NLNov2011

NLSept2010 NLOct2010 NLNov2010

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