Snowmass Dec. 2016 Recap


It is a feeling like no other.  The chairlift finally clears the tree line, the lift house appears ahead, you leave the chair, make the 180 degree swing, and the mountain opens up into view.  The cold air fills your lungs, a moment’s anticipation, a push off the poles, and then you are free:  the exhilarating first turns of the first run of the first day of the new ski season.  This year, Mad City Ski Club opened the 2016-17 ski season at Snowmass/Aspen, December 7-13.

The early start of the ski season often carries the risk of low snow coverage.  Although our group of skiers (age range 4 1/2 to 82) rolled over a few of the little rockies that give the Western mountains their name, we never lacked for ski-able snow on any of the three mountains we skied over our five-day stay:  Aspen (Ajax), Aspen Highlands, and Snowmass.  Indeed, on some days and some runs, there was enough powder to make this reviewer’s Midwest quads scream.


We stayed at the Mountain Chalet in Snowmass Village—ski out the front door, ski in the back door!  A generous hot breakfast every morning, and an easy-to-grab soup lunch every noon.  This year, hotel management saved nearly $1000 by cutting down their own tree after purchasing a $10 Forest Service permit—and having some poor soul drag the 15 foot tree 100 yards through the snow to the road.  As luck would have it, the tree had twin tops.  A star decorated one; an angel the other.


After five days with nothing to trouble us except which line to pick down the mountain and where to go for dinner, we packed our bags and headed back to Madison.  The train back to Milwaukee was on time; the flight back to Madison even got in early.  And every traveler’s luggage made the same trip as the traveler.  Another great start to another great year.  If you are reading this review and didn’t join us in 2016, you owe it to yourself to join us in 2017.  This reviewer is already dreaming about the first turns of next year’s first run—you should be, too!
 Our oldest skier, age 82, and youngest skier age 4 1/2.





12/31/2016  Bruce O. (Contributor)